Speech Topics

Speech Topics

Professor Adrian Furnham is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker and a widely published journalist, as well as one of HR Magazine’s 20 Most Influential People in HR.

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Speech Topics

Vocational Preferences

Choosing and changing different jobs.
The consequences of job fit and misfit.
Passion at work.

Cognitive Ability and Emotional Intelligence

How to define and measure intelligence?
What is EQ?
Which is more important when and why?

Learning and Thinking Styles

How many styles are there?
Are some “better” than others?
Can you change your style?

Generational Differences at Work

How to describe the different generations.
The “problematic millennials”.
The aging process.

Psychopaths and Narcissists

All the personality disorders.
The dark triad.
The Psychopath next door.

Mental Health and Illness

How to define it.
Types and categories of illness.
Which therapies work and why?

The Psychology of Alternative Medicine

What is alternative medicine?
Who chooses it?
Does it work?
How to test it.

The Psychology of Happiness and Well-Being

How to define and measure it.
Happy and unhappy people.
Ten myths and ten pieces of advice.

The Future of Work

The problems of futurology.
New and old jobs.
Ten major world changes.

The Psychology of Teamwork

Team-role types.
Team vs individual decisions.
Healthy and unhealthy team dynamics.

The Psychology of Office Politics

What causes office politics?
Savvy as opposed to politics.
How to measure it.

The Psychology of Persuasion and Negotiation

Six strategies of persuasion.
The phases of negotiation.
Nudging and tricks to use.

The Psychology of Money and Motivation

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
Money madness.
Financial literacy.

The Psychology of Time

Time types and cultural differences.
Views of the past and future.

The Psychology of Shopping

Types of shoppers.
Retail therapy.
The tricks of shops and websites.

The Psychology of Sigmund Freud

What Freud really said.
Psychology of dreams.
Oral, Anal and Phallic types.

The Psychology of Christmas

Christmas cards and letters.
Present giving and receiving.
Eating and drinking.

The Psychology of Humour and Laughter

What is a good joke?
Types of humour.
The functions of humour.

The Psychology of Culture Shock and Travel

Types of traveller.
Cultural differences.
How to cope with culture shock.

The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation

Can we define and measure creativity?
The creative person and process.
How to increase creativity.

The Psychology of Body Language and Lying

What is Body Language?
Verbal, visual and vocal communication.
Cues to lying.

The Psychology of Love and Attraction

Can we define beauty?
What men look for in women and vice versa.
Types of love.