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Managing in Turbulent Times

What happens typically to management and staff during turbulence

Virtuous and vicious cycles

The threat to the Psychological contract

Re-engaging staff

Looking to the future


Management Incompetence: Why managers fail and derail

The high incidence of leadership derailment

Selecting in and selecting out at high levels

Too much of a good thing: the concept of optimal levels of competence

Intelligence at work

The psychopathic and narcissistic leader

How to avoid disaster


Motivation in the work place

Different types of Motivation

Classic theories and their limitations

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Does motivation change over the life span

Motivation, satisfaction and productivity


The work place of the future: work in 2020

The dangers of futurology and speculation

A optimistic and a pessimistic picture

Changes in technology, the work-force and customer expectations

The aging society and the longevity of work

Work is something you do, not a place you go


The psychology of decision making

Different types of decisions

Deciding how to decide

Deciding alone or in groups

The Psychology of Brainstorming

Groupthink and how to overcome it


Team building and Analysis

Independence, interdepence and dependence at work

Different types of teams

Team roles and tasks

Team conflict and co-operation

The pathology of teams

The healthy and productive team


Culture shock and working on other cultures

Working abroad

Defining culture shock

How to describe and define national and organisational cultures

The U and W curve hypothesis of culture shock

Social Skills, Etiquette and culture learning

Surviving and thriving in foreign cultures


Non verbal communication, body language and lying

Verbal, Vocal and Visual communication

Myths surrounding non-verbal communication

Eye-gaze, touch, posture, gesture and scent

Impression management and body language at work

The Psychology of Lying


Stealing, cheating and whistle-blowing at work

The cost of the angry, disenchanted, vengeful employee

The idea of fairness at work

The journey from selection to revenge

How management causes the problem

The criminal at work

How to over-come problems


Change management in organisations

Change, Death and taxation

Change vs progress

The necessity of change: proactive and reactive

Six ways of bring about change

The stability of change

Pitfalls and problems in the change process


The Psychology of Money

The meaning of money

The de-motivational power of money

Learning about money

Money Pathology: Security, Power, Love, Freedom and greed

Money in the workplace

Making wise money decisions

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